Tristan St. Pierre Leaves Lasting Impression on Ravens


tristan 1
St. Pierre in action – Photo by Tim Austen


The Carleton Ravens have recently parted ways with captain Tristan St Pierre.

St. Pierre joined the men’s soccer team for the 2014-15 season, and has played in 62 career games throughout his five years as a Raven. Despite not being a heavy offensive player, St. Pierre has made an impact on his teammates that is unbreakable.

“When I first came to Carleton back in 2015, Tristan was the first guy to say hello to me,” teammate David Monk said.

“He introduced himself to me and shook my hand and I remember that, so right away that shows you the kind of person Tristan is.

“Even in first year you could tell that he had leadership skills, and those leadership skills proved true over the next three years. He captained the team for my last two years, so off the field he’s one of the nicest guys I know, and it’s been a pleasure to play with him,” Monk added.

St. Pierre began his soccer career at the age of four, largely in part due to his German background and his maternal grandfather having played the sport. Throughout his soccer journey, St. Pierre has drifted around multiple positions before coming to land the role of midfielder once he joined the Ravens.

“I came in to Carleton as a winger,” he said.

“I had never really played centerman, and it just sort of happened in my first year that there were holes there. I had a decent showing and it continued like that for the next five years.”

Since coming in 2014, St. Pierre has been enrolled in the Engineering program at Carleton, and although Carleton wasn’t his top school for program, the Ravens soccer program encouraged him to stay in his hometown for his studies.

St Pierre leaves field after final home game – Photo by Tim Austen

Like many athletes, St. Pierre went through a particularly hard time in his soccer career, the most difficult being his second year as part of the Ravens. In his second year, St. Pierre was out for the majority of the season due to a pulled groin muscle, but through his dedication to the team, he pulled through the pain in order to keep in shape at practices.

“I know in his second year–so my first year–he was injured for the majority of the season,” Monk said.

“To have him bounce back from that sort of stuff and be the player who he is today, like two weekends ago, it shows you the kind of person he is,” Monk said.

Aside from the injuries, St. Pierre has also had rewarding outcomes.

“In terms of playing on the field, he’s really grown in a sense that he’s more mature now,” Monk said.

“He’s such a unique player in the style that he plays, I really don’t think anyone in the league can replicate the way he plays, and so, to have him on our team was just incredible.”

Due to his leadership on the Ravens, St. Pierre was named captain for the 2017-18 season, and captained the team to their first USports Nationals appearance for the first time since 2011. The Ravens walked away with sixth place after falling to the York University Lions.

The following year, for the 2018-19 season, St. Pierre once again captained the Ravens to a Nationals appearance, and this time they walked away with a third place finish for the bronze medal.

“It’ll probably end up being the UBC Nationals game,” St. Pierre said about his most memorable moment as a Raven.

“Just cause of the massive crowd, home team– they were the favourites–and it went into extra time, and there was a lot riding on that game and we obviously won so I have a feeling down the road that’s the one that I’ll remember the most.”

Now that his career at Carleton has come to a close, St. Pierre has said that he will most likely be playing in leagues with his friends such as the Men’s Premier League in Ottawa.

“If you have a pretty good history in soccer and you believe in it, I say give it a shot,” St. Pierre said on advice to first years interested in trying out for the team.

You just have to be willing to work hard, so I mean, really just get in to everything, give it 100 per cent.”

“If it’s ever in doubt that you worked hard enough, you probably didn’t do enough,” he added.

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