Hometown Alexandre Boivin Thriving on the Hometown Ravens

OUA Men's Hockey - Ottawa Gee-Gees vs  Carleton Ravens
Boivin in game vs the Gee-Gees – Photo by Marc Lafleur/Carleton Ravens 

Alexandre Boivin is currently a forward on the Carleton Ravens men’s hockey team now playing for his hometown university team.

“It ran in the family. I’m the youngest of two siblings, my brother and sister have always played, so, to me growing up it was second nature, so, obviously I wanted to follow in my brother’s footsteps,” Boivin said about his start in hockey.

Prior to his career at Carleton, Boivin has played for the Gloucester Rangers and the Pembroke Lumber Kings of the Central Canada Hockey League (CCHL), as well as for the Quebec Remparts for the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL).

While a part of the Gloucester Rangers, Boivin played in 92 career games while recording nine goals, and 59 assists for 85 points.

“You think about how many years that is now, it’s crazy. You kind of blink and it flies by. But obviously all the guys I’ve played with. I’ve had relationships with a ton of people, I’ve lived with a bunch of people, I’ve had a ton of experiences, I’ve traveled all around playing hockey. So, I think most of my memories do come from being in the dressing room, or being on the road, or spending time with the guys and playing hockey,” Boivin said.

OUA Men's Hockey - Concordia Stingers vs  Carleton Ravens
Boivin in action at the Ice House – Photo by Marc Lafleur/Carleton Ravens 

While a part of the Quebec Remparts, Boivin played in 95 career games while recording eight goals and 22 assists for a total of 30 points.

“It’s an amazing city, I lived with a great family, and I got to do a lot of cool stuff. Obviously playing for Patrick Roy was something surreal, who would of thought, playing in front of fifteen thousand fans. Not many people can say they’ve done that and I think its just made me a much better hockey player and a much better person so I’m very thankful for that experience,” Boivin said about his time in Quebec.

While a part of the Pembroke Lumber Kings in 2014-15, Boivin played in 54 career games while recording 26 goals and 64 assists for a total of 90 points.

“I would say that might be the year I had the most fun. I think taking a step back from Major Junior was a hard decision, but for me it was to focus on enjoying my last year of Junior hockey and really trying to be the best I could be on and off the ice, and I truly, truly enjoyed that season,” Boivin said about being in Pembroke.

Like many great athletes Boivin has faced challenges and adversities in order to become the player he is today.

“Everyone has their ups and downs. I’ve had a ton of injuries, I had mono one year when I was in Quebec City so that was a bit of a challenge. You’re going to have stretches where you’re not playing well and you’re not playing a lot, you’re going to have times where you’re going to be tired, sore, maybe unhappy even, but at the end of the day you kind of get past all that and you don’t really see that in the grand scheme of things,” Boivin said.

“After Major Junior it was up in the air whether I was going to continue playing, so just having the opportunity to come here, I’m super glad I’m still playing and enjoying myself,” Boivin added.

OUA Men's Hockey - York Lions vs  Carleton Ravens
Boivin gets set to take the faceoff against a York Lion player – Photo by Marc Lafleur/Carleton Ravens

At the time of Boivin coming to Carleton, the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees didn’t have a men’s hockey team due to sexual assault allegations. The fact that Carleton was in his hometown was also a major influence in joining the Ravens.

While hurdling the challenges of being a competitive athlete, Boivin has also grown on and off the ice as a result of the adversities he has faced.

“I’m an entirely different person. I think that’s what’s more important to me, is kind of how I’ve been able to grow. When you leave your house at an early age to play Junior hockey, it’s not always easy, and you have to grow up quick, so you live and you learn through these experiences and ups and downs. It changes you and shapes you and the people that you meet obviously have that impact on you as well,” Boivin said.

So far while being on the Ravens, Boivin has played in 104 career games while recording 34 goals and 56 assists for a total of 90 points.

“It has to be my first year. I think having the opportunity to go to Europe before the year with the team really helped me. Being a new guy, you get to know everybody really quick, it was an amazing experience, and I think that lead to a very successful year,” Boivin said about his most memorable moment as a Raven.

“And I think a big part of us going to Nationals and having that experience was a big part of how our team came together that year,” Boivin said about a year in which the Ravens got eliminated by the  Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres in the playoffs.

As for the future, Boivin has said that he doesn’t know what he’ll do yet.

“It’s been up in the air right now. Ideally, I would like to go play a couple years in Europe if that opportunity comes. Things change, so yeah, I wish I had a better answer for you, but at this point I’m not sure yet,” Boivin said.

As a last bit of advice, Boivin has said that if you’re interested in joining the team, go for it.

“I would say definitely do it. I think it’s going to be challenging, there are going to be days where you’re going to be tired. It’s going to be hard managing school and hockey. I think the biggest advice I would say is be patient, you’re not going to succeed right off the bat in school, you’re not going to succeed right off the bat in hockey, but you’ll see that we put everything in place for a person to succeed here,” Boivin said.

OUA Men's Hockey - RMC Paladins vs  Carleton Ravens
Boivn with fellow teammate, and captain, Brett Welychka last season – Photo by Marc Lafleur/Carleton Ravens

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