AuCoin’s Minor League Career Helped Prepare him for Life in the WHL

AuCoin has spent his entire minor hockey career in Alberta – Photo provided by Parker AuCoin 

Parker AuCoin is the newest recruit for the Carleton Ravens men’s hockey team.

Wait, let’s backtrack.

AuCoin grew up in Alberta, where he began a minor hockey league career that would eventually lead to his success and growth within the Western Hockey League (WHL).

“Alberta is a big province for hockey, so I love Calgary, I love living in Alberta. I lived in Calgary until I was 15 and then moved to St. Albert, I love them both just as much, I wish I could blend them both together and make them one,” AuCoin said.

Throughout his childhood, AuCoin played for the Calgary Northstar Sabres Bantam AAA of the Alberta Major Bantam Hockey League (AMBHL) and the St. Albert Raiders Midget AAA of the Alberta Midget Hockey League (AMHL)

With the Northstar Sabres, AuCoin played in 77 games, recording 89 goals and 51 assists for a total of 140 points.

“All those guys that I played with on that team, I still keep in touch with them, and some of my best buddies were on that team. I think we had a really special group that year, it was really fun, we had great coaches, and we were all really close,” AuCoin recalled.

While with the Raiders, AuCoin played in 69 games, recording 31 goals and 28 assists for a total of 59 points.

“It was a big transition for me. Going from bantam to midget, and moving cities, so it was difficult at first, but I think those two years I had in St. Albert, playing midget, transformed me as a player, and got me over the hump and got me into the Western league, and prepared me for what that was going to bring,” AuCoin reminisced.

AuCoin will be joining the Carleton Ravens men’s hockey team for the 2019-20 season – Photo provided by Parker AuCoin 

Throughout his time playing minor hockey, AuCoin felt his parents support due to the inspiration they had on him.

“They were big in getting me into hockey and keeping me in hockey. Obviously, hockey is really expensive, especially when you move on to higher levels, so them for supporting me throughout my whole career even up until now. They’re still my biggest supporters, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” AuCoin said.

Due to the success AuCoin had in minor hockey, he was able to feel prepared going into his WHL draft year.

In 2013, AuCoin got drafted 15th overall in the first round by Tri-City, and would spend his whole WHL career on that team.

“I was obviously excited. I think I had talked to Tri-City quite a bit, so I had a hunch that was where I would end up. I was actually at school when it happened,” AuCoin said.

“At that point I didn’t know how special Tri-City was going to become to me, so I think that day started the rest of my life, and the relationship I created with the Tri-City community,” he added.

During his time with Tri-City, AuCoin played in 285 games, recording 94 goals and 96 assists for 190 points.

“I think last year. We had a really long playoff run, we swept our first two rounds, made it to the conference finals and lost. It was really special, we have a ton of guys on that team that are playing in the NHL and the AHL, so we had a really great team and a really great group of guys,” AuCoin said about his most memorable moment with Tri-City.

AuCoin will be joining three other WHL recruits in coming to the Ravens – Photo provided by Parker AuCoin 

AuCoin has now committed to the Ravens for the 2019-20 season.

“The recruiting class is going to be really strong, a lot of guys from out West that I’m friends with, so that’s definitely going to make the transition easier. I think the number one reason of me coming to Carleton, is the coaching staff,” AuCoin said about his decision to come to Carleton.

“I think, when I was there on a recruiting trip, and just staying in touch with them, they’ve been world class and trying to make sure that I feel comfortable at all times, and I think we really developed a strong connection,” he added.

While AuCoin is looking forward to making the transition to university hockey, he will also miss playing for Tri-City. The organization the he poured his heart into for the past four years.

“Just the community, and the fans. I think they welcomed me with open arms, and then I really became a part of that place. And my billets and my teammates, and everyone there,” AuCoin said about what he’ll miss most about Tri-City.

While pouring his heart and soul into the sport he loves, AuCoin has learned a valuable lesson for life.

“The biggest thing for me that hockey has taught me, is being a good person. I’ve played hockey my whole life, and hockey is my life, but hockey isn’t life,” AuCoin said.

“There’s nothing more important in life than being a good person, goals, points, hockey players aside, you’re still a human being, and you still have to interact with others, and for me, the most important thing for me is being a good person, and being able to talk to people, and interact,” he added.

Although his time at Carleton is just beginning, AuCoin hopes to continue to pro hockey following university.

“I would love to play pro hockey when I get done in university. Obviously, there’s a lot of work to do and a lot of stuff ahead to make that happen, but that’s my goal as of right now, and that’s something that I’m going to keep striving towards every season, and hopefully keep trying to get better and better every time,” AuCoin said.

AuCoin had a successful 2018-19 season with the Tri-City Americans in which he scored 42 goals and recorded 42 assists during the regular season – Photo provided by Parker AuCoin 

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