Sanvido’s Leadership Shown in Being Named Newest Captain

Sanvido is stepping into the captaincy position with time under his belt of being captain of the Windsor Spitfires – Photo by Robin Kasem 

With the departure of arguably one of the best defencemen in Queen’s Gaels history and captain of the team for two years, Patrick Sanvido now steps up. Spencer Abraham’s captaincy has been handed down to his defensive partner, Sanvido, with the new season approaching.

“I’ve been through a lot with Patty over the past two seasons both on and off the ice and some of my fondest memories in the game have come with him on my left side,” Abraham reminisced. Abraham just finished his five-year career with the Gaels.

“From rooming together on the road, sitting beside each other in the locker room, and sharing the ice for the last minute of the Queen’s Cup championship game this past March to sharing the ice with him for my last shift of competitive hockey at the U-Sports National Championship,” he added.

Last year, Sanvido played in 36 games, recording four goals and nine assists for 13 points in his second season in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA).

With the role of captain, Sanvido is also entering his third season as a Gael – Photo by Robin Kasem 

The Gaels would go on to win their namesake trophy, the Queen’s Cup, and would then lose to the St. Francis Xavier University X-Men 5-3 in the national quarterfinals.

“The way we lost, being up 3-0 and blowing that lead, we kind of sat back and thought we could just hold on up 3-0 and hoped to win, but you can’t do that when you get to that level, and the quality of the teams that are there, they’re all there for a reason,” Sanvido recalled.

Due to the tough nationals loss, many of the Gaels players, including Sanvido, stayed in Kingston, Ontario to put in work over the summer.

“Coming off of the year we had last year was not a summer that we wanted to really take off and get complacent, so it was a busy summer between working, and trying to stay in shape, and getting on the ice,” Sanvido said.

“This is the third summer I’ve stayed here in the summer in Kingston, and I enjoyed it just as much as the other ones,” he added.

On Sept 10, Sanvido was named the newest Gaels captain at the team’s annual Paul Stothart Memorial Golf Tournament.

“It’s very special. It’s a true honor and I want to wear it with pride,” Sanvido said.

Sanvido has experience in the captaincy position from his time on the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL. He and Abraham have both noted captaining a university team comes with challenges due to school.

“The players here have conflicting priorities that are not as prevalent in the OHL,” Abraham said.

As the Gaels are going through training camp, Sanvido has high praise for the first-year players coming in.

“Our first years this year have been awesome. They quite honestly don’t need too much leading, they’re grown men and they’ve transitioned really well so far,” Sanvido praised.

Sanvido has a big shoe to fill with the departure of Gaels captain Spencer Abraham, but Abraham believes Sanvido will be a phenomenal captain – Photo by Robin Kasem 

Despite not officially being named captain until three days ago, Sanvido took over the captaincy role in early summer, and with the help of Abraham, came out with a document to send to the players.

“With the help of Spencer, I sent out a document to help them transition to school, and classes they can pick, and things to look for,” Sanvido explained.

“Now that they’re here and we’re all practicing together, it’s one of those things where I just try to lead by example, and just put my best foot forward,” he added.

Abraham believes Sanvido will do a “phenomenal job,” as captain.

“He’s a natural leader and has experience captaining a team in the OHL so I’m sure he will adjust quickly,” Abraham said.

Sanvido is excited and honored to take on the role of captain of the Gaels – Photo by Robin Kasem 

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