Weller’s gift of playing hockey lands her spot at dream university

Due to her dream of becoming a journalist, Weller is beyond excited to be attending Carleton in September – Photo provided by Emma Weller 

Carleton Ravens new recruit Emma Weller is itching to get back to playing the game she loves. Weller has only played in two games since December due to a painful cyst in her knee.

“Hockey has shaped my life and without it, I do not know what I would be doing with my life or where I would even be. The opportunity to play the sport is a gift I receive every time I hit the ice and it is the best gift I could ever receive,” Weller said about her love of hockey.

Growing up in Keswick, Ontario, Weller was put into the sport as a five-year-old, and from her start in the game, she hasn’t looked back since.

“I played boys hockey when I started my career off and since everyone lives so close, it became more than just playing on the ice with one another. We all became best friends and played together for four years,” she explained.

Weller was captain of the North York Storm for her final two seasons on the team – Photo provided by Emma Weller 

Following her time on the boys’ team, Weller began playing for the Georgina Blaze novice AE team. While on the Blaze, Weller got to experience many exciting opportunities such as playing on Olympic rinks on trips to Lake Placid.

“That team is what set me up for success in hockey, taught me leadership, but most importantly showed me the true game of hockey,” Weller reminisced.

Weller also got the chance to play for the North York Storm, a team Weller said was the hardest and best three years of her life as she was on them.

“My coach had faith in us as a whole and as individuals and never gave up on finding us ways to continue our hockey career,” she said.

During her time on the Storm, Weller made the trip to Germany for the team’s training camp during her second year. This was the year she was also named team captain.

“The trip to Germany was when I was told that which I was over the moon about,” Weller recalled.

Weller’s favourite part about the sport is that hockey is a culture in Canada and she feels lucky to play the sport – Photo provided by Emma Weller 

Now that her time in minor hockey has come to a close, Weller said she’ll miss the connections she has made with former teammates.

“We get so caught up on our next team and our lives in that moment that we forget to reflect back and spend time with our old teammates,” she explained.

As with any athlete, Weller’s biggest challenges have been the injuries she has faced. Among the cyst, Weller has experienced fractures, dislocations, and torn muscles.

“As an athlete, these setbacks are what diminishes your confidence the most,” Weller said.

“It took me a long time to not be constantly upset with this (MCL) injury but now I am at a state where I am slowly getting back to my old normal routine for training which I am very thankful for,” she added.

Due to Weller’s long-life dream of becoming a journalist, she immediately knew she wanted to attend Carleton due to the outstanding journalism program.

Weller is excited to see what her time at Carleton will bring – Photo provided by Emma Weller 

Weller is currently looking forward to stepping out onto the ice with a Ravens jersey on to begin her new chapter of hockey.

“It is more than just the journey, but that moment to me represents my journey and struggle to get to where I will be standing that day,” Weller said.

“It shows the hardships and sacrifices I had to make to reach my dream, and that moment is truly one I’ll never forget,” she added.

Hockey has been ingrained in Weller at a young age as she started in the sport at five years old – Photo provided by Emma Weller 

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